Tuesday, 9 February 2016

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  1. Hi Chris
    hope you are enjoying your adventure! As you are walking the Essex Way I was hoping I could ask for your help. You will be walking through an area of outstanding natural beauty near Manningtree which is under threat. We need to protect the green belt and object to a local planning application being reviewed on the 8th Feb. We are asking for walkers assistance and you are my first request! It would be amazing if my faith humanity for supporting a good cause is proved true with you!
    Thank-you. Jane (Instructions below)

    Step One: Registration

    Name, Email & Password - Address

    Step Two: Email Confirmation

    Check email account for Activation email.
    Link back to site via email & then log in.

    Step Three: Search for planning application - 17/00004/OUT
    Cut and paste URL into browser after log in

    Step Four: Reason for Comment:
    Stance: Object
    Check 4th box - Objects to application

    Step Five: Reason for Comment:
    Choose any of the following and elaborate/personalize a little!!

    I am a frequent visit to the area walking the Essex Way and it is an area of outstanding natural beauty.

    The area is of historical interest to visitors – the Essex Way is a unique experience that would be ruined by significant housing developments.

    The proposed development would be building on a strategic green field belt - there are plenty of brown field areas available to redevelop in Manningtree

    The council need to make a stand for the countryside, please protect our green field belt.

    The local infrastructure would require more investment to sustain such a development

    The road is very fast and children will need to cross it to get to any of the schools.

    The developers are not investing in the local community just in the area they propose to build on so additional strain will be put on the local people and government budgets

    I would like to formally object to the application

    Please accept this comment as an objection to the application

    For so many reasons I formally object to the application

  2. Done, hope you are successful with this!

  3. that is a good activity. i like it. keep it up . it will make you strong and stronger.